The Prudence Island School Fund

The Prudence Island School Foundation raises funds to continue to make available the current level of educational support for all students who wish to attend, expand services as needs arise, offer a summer program that builds learning into the Island’s young people’s summer activities, and maintain and preserve the historic schoolhouse. It is able to do so through the generosity of individual families, friends and supporters; foundation grants; and fundraising events. Donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

Donations are used to:

  • ensure a wide range and depth of educational programming for all students, from pre-K to high school
  • cover the cost of staffing, curriculum, supplies, and off-Island activities for pre-K and secondary-level school students (who are not supported by the Town of Portsmouth)
  • ensure that the historic schoolhouse building is well-maintained
  • offer a quality summer program to all children on the Island


Every donation makes a difference!

Donate by Mail

Send a check to:

Prudence Island School Foundation
P.O. Box 282
Prudence Island, RI 02872

Donate Online

Donate by credit card through PayPal:

Other Donation Options

A bequest through one’s Last Will and Testament can also be a simple and yet powerful way of providing support for the School. Whether it is by providing a few sentences in one’s will, or adding your bequest to the Prudence Island School Foundation as an amendment (a Codicil) to an existing will, friends and supporters can make a lasting difference through a bequest.

Giving stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares that have increased in value may provide greater tax benefits to the donor than giving cash.

Your employer may offer a matching gift program. Your gift could go further with an employer match.

For more information about donations please contact Jessica Friswell at 508-479-3479 or