The mission of the Prudence Island School Foundation is to provide Prudence Island children the opportunity to be educated on Prudence Island as well as to raise funds to support educational programs and the perpetual existence of the historic one-room schoolhouse on Prudence Island, RI.


The Prudence Island Schoolhouse is a place where:

  • Students are empowered to take an active role in their own education, working side-by-side with peers of different ages, teachers, and community members in a safe and secure learning environment.
  • Students are encouraged to become independent and self-reliant learners.
  • Students challenge themselves and one another as they create, collaborate, learn, and grow together in mutually-beneficial ways.
  • Students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests and learning styles are respected and embraced, serving as the foundation for a unique learning experience for each member of the school community.
  • Students are held to high standards, completing coursework that meets state standards and, at the same time, is connected to real-world needs, allowing them to see the relevance of their learning.
  • Mastery and joy of learning are goals achieved as students focus on learning rather than on letter grades, and basic skills are viewed as tools leading to further knowledge, not as ends in themselves.
  • Students care about themselves, their community, and the world. Respect for one another and taking responsibility for one’s actions are integral parts of the school experience.
  • Strong personal relationships grow over time and support learning, risk-taking, and personal growth.
  • Leadership skills are fostered as students help one another and become role models and representatives of our school within the larger community.
  • Students’ emotional growth is considered an integral part of the educational experience.
  • Teachers and volunteer educators are facilitators who also come to learn and model learning.
  • The Prudence Island community, organizations, and natural habitats serve as invaluable resources for our students. Some Island organizations include NBNERR and the Prudence Island Historical Society.