June 2015

Mike Kelley, father of former student Clare Kelley, comes to tell his story.


May 2015

Jim Mosher, husband of our secondary teacher Linda Mosher, stopped by to chat.


March 2015

Deb Henault, mother of student Aribella, was March 2015′s Intriguing Islander. Check out her interview and find out all about Deb!


February 2015

Chris and Lorrie Brown are interviewed for February 2015′s Wave, a Valentine’s Day couples special. They speak of their new life on Prudence, how they met, and more. Lorrie would also like to mention that a little known fact about herself is that she gives out freeze pops to anyone who wants one.


January 2015

January 2015′s Intriguing Islander was Steph Jenness, PISF Administrative Assistant and Early Childhood Education Coordinator. She spoke with us about her adventures traveling during a Semester at Sea, the time she went skydiving, and much more!


November 2014

As read in the November 2014 issue of the Prudence Wave, Ethan Rossi talked to us about his life and new endeavors as Vice President of Operations of the Prudence and Bay Islands Transport Company and as  captain of the Herbert C. Bonner.

To learn more about  Prudence and Bay Island Transport, click here.


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