Please consider using the template below to send a letter of support to any/all of the following people:

  • Jim Seveney (State Senator)
  • Susan Donovan (State Representative)
  • Ana Riley (Portsmouth Superintendent)
  • Kevin Aguiar (Portsmouth Town Council President)
  • Linda Ujifusa (Portsmouth Town Council Vice President)
  • Angélica Infante-Green (RIDE Commissioner)
  • Emily Copeland (Portsmouth School Committee Chair)


Dear __________,

My name is __________ and I own a home on Prudence Island. I am concerned that the Town of Portsmouth will no longer provide financial support for educating elementary school children in their own neighborhood on Prudence Island where their families live and their parents work. The long commute by ferry and longer day off-Island is an undue burden to our youngest children. In times of bad weather, our children could effectively be stranded away from home if the ferry is unable to operate and return them home safely.

Providing education to Prudence Island children on the Island allows them to learn and grow in the place where they live, play and have a community that nurtures them.

I hope you will continue to work with Island families and the Prudence Island School Foundation to pursue a solution that keeps the best interests, emotional well-being, and safety of our children at the forefront of the discussion and decision-making.